Predictive Policing Project Page:

CommandCentral Predictive Product Demo: (A Predictive Policing Product, whose backend algorithms I developed and depolyed at PublicEngines, acquired by Motorola Solutions Inc)

I also developed models for 

a.) Inter-jurisdictional and intra jurisdictional resource allocation projects on the field in the smart policing space

b.) Smart recommendations for 911 dispatchers on optimal resource allocation for crime-control

c.) On the academic front, am currently collaborating on analysis of asymmetric, directed graphs with partially labeled nodes with collaborators from GeorgiaTech and Duke (to be submitted to arXiv soon).

d.) A predictive policing industrial white paper I wrote, introducing my developed S.A.E.I (Standardized Accuracy Efficiency Index) for predictive policing.

Detailed Press-Coverage on CNBC:


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