COVID-19 Contact Tracing

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COVID SafePaths Project:

PrivateKit Project:

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Papers: 

NEW! DAMS: Meta-estimation of private sketch data structures for differentially private COVID-19 contact tracing (PDF)

PPContactTracing: A Privacy-Preserving Contact Tracing Protocol for COVID-19 Pandemic P Singh, A Singh, G Cojocaru, P Vepakomma, R Raskar arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.06648 (PDF)

Assessing Disease Exposure Risk with Location Histories and Protecting Privacy: A Cryptographic Approach in Response To A Global Pandemic A Berke, M Bakker, P Vepakomma, R Raskar, K Larson, AS Pentland (PDF)

2.) Apps Gone Rogue: Maintaining Personal Privacy in an Epidemic, 2020. (PDF)

3.) COVID-19 Contact-Tracing Mobile Apps: Evaluation and Assessment for Decision Makers, 2020. (PDF)

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